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Your brand new online course is waiting for you. With over 15 years in Instructional Design, animation, eLearning and graphic design we deliver innovative and engaging designs. Creating a learning journey that inspires.

Innovative Learning design

Infusing life into your eLearning solutions through innovative and fully custom course creation.

We transform any content, whether it be text, Power Point presentations or outdated content into modern, animated and colourful masterpieces.

No solution is too big or too small.

SERVICES Innovative ELearning design
SCORM Development
SCORM Development

Immerse your learner in a learning journey that inspires.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) courses serve as highly effective and versatile tools in the realm of eLearning.

Think of them as meticulously crafted roadmaps, guiding learners through a structured yet engaging journey of knowledge acquisition.

e-learning Animation

Let’s make your learning fun and enjoyable through animation.

Animation in eLearning can be an impactful way to tell your story.

Animation also provides context that either cannot be translated effectively through text or gets lost in translation.

You might love video but not want to be on it… so, video animation provides a unique way to get your message across. 


Along with these services we bring

We hold your hand and walk along side you and your team to ensure your online course/s exceed your expectations. 

Every milestone is managed carefully so your course’s are delivered on time.

Breathe life into your online learning by creating scenarios role plays, character video animation and so much more to inspire your learner.

Exceptional design and innovation, ensuring success for your learners. 

Your courses will not only stand out from the rest and be accessible for all, but yeild higher completion rates.

Imagine high quality video and audio in your online learning and how your learners will love you for it. 

From animation to video creation and editing we have you covered. 

Boost your online courses through graphics that are branded to your organisations look and feel. 

Tailored specifically to your needs and your desired outcomes. 

Sit back and let our pro voiceover experts lift your learning experience to a whole new level.

Saving you the time and energy of having to do your own voiceovers. 

Our Process

We kick off your project with a discovery call where we go into a 'deep dive' around your requirements to implement the right solution for you.
Design & Strategy
We flesh out the structure and flow of the learners journey and map out the design requirements to get the most out of your project.
Our team unleash their creative juices on the development of your course.
Quality Assurance
Ensuring no stone is unturned our Quality and Assurance team test every aspect of the build.
We will seamlessly handover your course ready for action.

Meeting the needs of all learners

If accessibility and compliance is needed our team of expert designers, developers, animators, video editors, voiceover pro’s are here to help create the perfect end to end solution.

wilson and wilde eLearning design
wilson and wilde eLearning design
wilson and wilde eLearning design

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