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With over 15 years in Instructional Design, animation, eLearning and graphic design we deliver innovative and engaging designs. We create a learner journey that inspires.

Innovative Learning design

Infusing life into online learning through innovative and fully custom course creation.

Ensuring no stone is unturned our expert team will flesh out the detail of your development before unleashing their creative juices on your design.

No solution is too big or too small.

SERVICES Innovative ELearning design
SCORM Development
SCORM Development

We all expect more from our learning experiences these days and we can do with ease using Shareable Content Object Reference Model.

SCORM is an international standard for transferring information in eLearning courses.

SCORM allows content to be shared on most even multiple Learning Management Systems (LMSs), meaning you are future proofing our business.


Learning through animation is all about telling a memorable or impactful story about your content.

The beauty of video animation is that limitless software, hardware, and cutting-edge techniques are at our disposal, providing unbridled room to imagine and fabricate whatever story you wish.

Animation also provides context that either cannot be translated effectively through text or gets lost in translation.


Along with these services we bring

Every project is managed seamlessly from end to end.

From scenarios to storytelling, video animation is one of the most cost effective and easy ways to inspire your audience.

Going beyond simply creating teaching content, Wilson and Wilde consider how people learn and what methods will most effectively achieve success.

Level up your videos with pro effects to actively engage your audience.

Make your course stand out with unique custom graphics.

Our pro voiceover experts lift your videos and add a layer of professionalism.

Our Process

We kick off your project with a discovery call where we go into a 'deep dive' around your requirements to implement the right solution for you.
Design & Strategy
We flesh out the structure and flow of the learners journey and map out the design requirements to get the most out of your project.
Our team unleash their creative juices on the development of your course.
Quality Assurance
Ensuring no stone is unturned our Quality and Assurance team test every aspect of the build.
We will seamlessly handover your course ready for action.

Meeting the needs of all learners

If accessibility and compliance is needed our team of expert designers, developers, animators, video editors, voiceover pro’s are here to help create the perfect end to end solution.

wilson and wilde eLearning design
wilson and wilde eLearning design
wilson and wilde eLearning design