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WordPress for Beginners – A Complete Guide to WordPress!

In 2022, it’s never been easier to build a fantastic, responsive website that looks great on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  

You can learn WordPress WITHOUT having to buy web hosting or a domain name.  I’ll show you how you can set it all up on your own computer using free tools. 

NOTE: This course will always be updated to cover the latest version of WordPress. 

The primary goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to become a Wordpress guru in a few short hours, without lots of technical jargon.  I’ll guarantee that after taking this course you’ll have the knowledge you need to build a responsive, beautiful website with the latest version of WordPress.  Not only will you know more than 99% of WordPress users out there, but you’ll actually enjoy using WordPress too. 

This course is taught by WordPress author and teacher, Dr. Andy Williams, who has been using WordPress since 2004, and teaching WordPress to people of all skill levels since then.


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